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Herteit (Attack) 

Darkness Lightning Emperor

Awakened Bonus: Increases the Accuracy by 25%
Darkness Lightning Emperor Avatar (Awakened) Darkness Lightning Emperor Avatar
Fire Water Wind Light Darkness
Skill: Leader Skill

Leader Skill

Increase the Resistance of ally monsters in Guild Content by 55%.

increase resistence
9 Skill: Lightning Strike

Lightning Strike

Attacks the enemy and steals one beneficial effect with a 50% chance.

  • Lv.2 Damage +5%
  • Lv.3 Damage +5%
  • Lv.4 Effect Rate +10%
  • Lv.5 Effect Rate +10%
  • Lv.6 Damage +10%
  • Lv.7 Damage +10%
  • Lv.8 Effect Rate +15%
  • Lv.9 Effect Rate +15%
steal benefical effect
Skill: Gain Knowledge

Gain Knowledge


Gains Knowledge by the number of granted beneficial effects when you're granted with a beneficial effect. Gains 3 Knowledge when an enemy or an ally gets defeated. You can have up to 5 Knowledge.

Skill: Endless Desire

Endless Desire

Absorbs 25% of your Attack Power and Defense per Knowledge from the enemy target's Attack Power and Defense. In addition, if you have 5 Knowledge, steals all beneficial effects granted on the enemy and instantly gains another turn. This skill can be used when you have at least 1 Knowledge, and all Knowledge will be consumed once you use the skill.

steal benefical effect